This Everyday Jewelry Company Wants You to Wear Your Story


Names: Danielle Johnson and Hillary O’Modhrain
Job titles: Owners of our spare currency Jewelry

How it all started: Two sisters wanted to embark on a mission of meaning, empowerment and lasting change. How it goes: Six years and (almost) five kids later, Hillary O’Modhrain and Danielle Johnson co-run Our Spare Change, a jewelry collection that’s so much more than jewelry, from their San Clemente office. Their nine-person team includes an array of artisans, each with a unique and powerful story to tell.

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“We thought, ‘What if we could create jewelry that was affordable but could also tell people’s stories?’ says O’Modrhain. Our spare jewelry

During a post-college road trip, with a handful of spares between them, the sisters were inspired to create a mixed metal jewelry collection centered around loose pieces, encouraging customers to request personalized words. having personal value.

Hearing individual stories from buyers prompted the two to expand their reach and hire artisans with a history of hardship, including their first employee, who was recently released from prison when hired.

“We like the idea that everyone has a story, and at some point in every story there’s a struggle,” Johnson says. “It’s really important that we have people [working] here who have been through all sorts of hardships, so that we are able to offer them stability and a safe workspace. Our spare jewelry

Never losing sight of its mission, the brand now offers capsule collections and pieces for children. “It’s about telling stories,” says O’Modhrain. “I always say the day we start selling jewelry is the day we should all get other jobs.”

Our small change

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