CT Jewelry Company Creates Charity Bracelet Campaign to Benefit National Nonprofit Fertility Organization


Two sisters never imagined that their dark struggles with infertility would spawn a business that would empower other women to tap into their own inner strength and overcome adversity. Third generation jewelers Christina Baribault-Ortiz and Raeann Baribault Schwartz created The Power to B bracelets; portable words of encouragement to remind women of all ages that they are not alone. Today, in May, the official month dedicated to all mothers, they are feeding the dreams of other couples who want to start a family by creating a bespoke charity bracelet to benefit the Hope for Fertility Foundation.

GLASTONBURY, Conn., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — One in eight couples in the United States struggles with some form of infertility. The biggest obstacle for most of them to start fertility treatments is money. To ease this financial burden, the founders of The power of B inspiring collection of fine jewelry designed a personalized bracelet to benefit the Hope for Fertility Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between infertility and fertility. Specifically, the charity will receive 20% of the proceeds from each purchase of the special edition Hope for Fertility bracelet during May, the month dedicated to all mothers.

“As women who have overcome our own fertility challenges to become mothers, we are privileged to remove one of the barriers for other couples who dream of starting a family,” said Christina Baribault-Ortizwho created The Power to B bracelets with powerful phrases with his sister Raeann Baribault Schwartz. “This collaboration beautifully combines our passion for fashion with our commitment to philanthropy.”

Christina explains that Power to B bracelets encourage everyone to B Strong, B Fierce, B Badass, B Limitless or B Fearless by connecting the cursive phrases with a colorful cord or chain. The Hope of Fertility Memorial Bracelet will be blue and gold, the organization’s signature colors to represent both tranquility and power. The bracelet, which sells for $68 is available on The Power to B website.

“We are honored to be the recipient of this Power to B initiative,” said Angela Williams, president of the Hope for Fertility Foundation. “On average, an IVF cycle costs $12,000 for $15,000, and most insurance companies do not cover the treatment. All members of the Hope for Fertility Council understand firsthand how infertility can lead to large amounts of debt, depression and despair. For this reason, we want to offer help to as many couples as possible.”

In 2016, Chase and Tedi Palmer started the non-profit organization with a mission to raise awareness about infertility, provide financial support for couples and, above all, restore hope in the lives of couples who feel there is none no.

Tedi shares that the name of the foundation is based on two key words: “hope”, because having a family is a very real possibility and couples are not alone in the process and secondly, “fertility”, to focus on the positive, no stress IN fertility, since this word is associated with heartache, struggle and desire.

“We chose The Hope for Fertility Foundation for our first charitable partnership because both of our organizations are built on the power of a positive mantra versus a negative mantra,” adds Raeann, the strategic powerhouse who brought the brand to life. The Power to B. “We want words to be empowering instead of detrimental.”

Christina is now a mother of two (Scarlet & Kash, 9 & 7) and Raeann is a mum of three (Eva, Zane & Raven, 5, 3 & 1). Each struggled with infertility issues that lasted a combined six years before they were able to conceive. What got them through the darkest time of their lives was their love for each other, as well as the visual messages of positivity they placed around their homes. It inspired third generation jewelers to create beautiful bracelets with powerful phrases to remind women of all ages that they are not alone.

Since launching the styles in 2019, the jewelry line has forged a strong sisterhood of thousands of female customers who wear the bracelets, rings, necklaces to build their inner strength and resilience.

The complete Power to B collection can be purchased online at http://www.ThePowertoB.com or in store at Baribault Jewelers at 81 Rankin Road in Glastonbury, Conn. Additionally, the line is available at both Water Street Jewelers stores at 769 Boston Post Road in Madison, Conn. and 61 Whitfield Street at Guilford, Conn.

About the power of B
Created by sisters and designers Christina Baribault-Ortiz and Raeann Baribault Schwartz in 2019, the Power to B high jewelry collection aims to bring women together in joyful emancipation. the stunner 14k bracelets, necklaces and rings with gold or gold-plated phrases remind women of B Strong, B Fierce, B Badass, B Limitless or B Fearless. Power to B is about being fearless enough to tell the world about your dreams and strong enough to turn them into reality. Learn more about http://www.thepowertob.com.

About the Hope for Fertility Foundation
Founded in 2016, our mission is to bring hope to couples struggling to start or grow their families, by helping them tell their stories, raising awareness about infertility, and providing financial assistance through grants and of fundraisers. We are a 501(c)3 that relies entirely on donations for the sole purpose of helping infertile couples and making a positive impact in the community. To visit http://www.hopeforfertility.org for more information.

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