Ex-accountant charged with stealing $2.8 million from jewelry company


New York—A former employee faces charges for allegedly stealing millions from the jewelry store where he worked since late 2014.

According to a Press release Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr. Francisco Lopez, 36, has been charged by the New York State Supreme Court with first-degree grand larceny and first-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

Lopez was the accountant for New York-based jewelry company Julie Vos, which uses materials such as pearls and imported glass set with 24-karat gold-plated brass in its designs.

He allegedly stole $2.8 million from the company between September 2014 and April 2021.

According to Bragg’s office, Lopez “regularly but quietly” transferred sums of money from Julie Vos’ business account to her own bank and credit card accounts, hiding the transfers as business expenses.

He used the stolen money to pay for leisure and luxury items, the prosecutor’s office said, including high-end travel, jewelry, clothing and cars.

The theft was discovered in April 2021, when American Express asked the company about several transactions from its accounts to pay the charges on Lopez’s personal AmEx card.

The Manhattan DA Bureau’s Major Economic Crimes Bureau began investigating financial irregularities in the accounts of the company Lopez oversaw in May 2021, ultimately alleging he stole more than $2.8 million from the company on thousands of transfers.

Lopez pleaded not guilty to both counts on Monday, according to local reports.

The date of his next trial was not available at press time.

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