Local jewelry business described as contemporary art and fine art


Melissa Hampton’s love for jewelry came at an early age.

ST. LOUIS – Unique jewelry is what you will find at Ascendant Jewelry Studio.

Melissa Hampton’s love for jewelry came at an early age. Her grandmother died before she was born and she had a collection of vintage costume jewelry that Melissa’s mother gave her.

“It is in a way the beginning of my passion for jewelry. And it started from there.

In August 2019, she launched her dream business: Ascendant Jewelry Studio. There is a little something for everyone. Her jewelry can be described as contemporary art and fine art. She also does custom work.

“I like working with people if they have a particular piece in mind, or say they inherited a piece from their grandmother, and they left sentimental value behind but didn’t like it. not really the style. I like to rework things for people like that.

One of the things that makes Ascendant jewelry unique is the technique Hampton uses. That’s a big part of the job she does, and her technique is called to flow. When she started, there weren’t any other silversmiths doing this.

For more information and to shop his collection, visit ascendantjewelry.com.

Her work is also sold in Urban Matter and Mix & Match, and she is featured in a gallery at Artisans on The Loop.

Discover and buy some of his works at the Tower Grove Park Winter Market on March 6 and again on March 20, 9 a.m. to noon.


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