The jewelry company St. Louis Collections by Joya is now present in more than 500 stores


It is a “For Women, By Women” business with products made by women artisans who give back to women’s charities.

ST. LOUIS – Betsy Nacrelli started her jewelry business from her St. Louis home in 2015 and now her designs are sold by 570 retailers, including Nordstrom and Home Shopping Network.

“I meet people and they say to me ‘It’s so cool that you’re at Nordstrom’ and ‘You are so lucky’ and I say ‘Well what you don’t know is that I have probably sent 150 emails to Nordstrom before hearing any feedback from this single director of merchandising, ”Nacrelli said.

She said her goal when she started the business, Collections by Joya, was to send around 100 emails a day to all the retailers she could.

In 2017, the Home Shopping Network discovered its creations at a wholesale trade fair. A year later, Nordstrom responded by email and began carrying Joya collections in their stores.

Before starting out as an entrepreneur, Nacrelli worked in the furniture industry.

“I have traveled to wonderful places like Bali, Indonesia and Jaipur, India and always brought back jewelry from my trip,” she said.

Nacrelli’s friends began to notice her jewelry and ask if she would bring them jewelry on her next trip. That’s when she says “a light bulb has gone out”.

“I did a lot of research and found that there was a gap in the market between this fashion and fine jewelry. I was definitely at an age where I wanted more bullion coins so that I could have real sterling silver, real natural gemstones, but without breaking the bank.

It was then that Collections by Joya was born. It is a “For Women, By Women” business with products made by women artisans who give back to women’s charities.

Collections by Joya is first and foremost a wholesale company but sells to individuals on their site. You can see some of their models on Instagram and Facebook.

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