The Dezen by Payal Shah will be the first fine jewelry company to launch digi-physical NFT diamond earrings with Digital Twin, an NFT marketplace curating unique art at the intersection of fashion, technology and luxury


The purpose of this drop is to encourage more women to enter the NFT space. Today, only 16% of NFTs on the market can be traced back to female artists. It’s time to change that by encouraging women artisans and traditional collectors to experience physical and digital NFT utility. Ten percent of auction proceeds will be donated to The Global Widows Fundin addition, the auction winner will be reimbursed for all fuel costs.

“It is much easier to enter this space when you can associate your NFT with a tangible good, and that is exactly what we are doing by offering our collectors the possibility of exchanging their NFT for a physical property. We are also thrilled that the earrings are exclusively designed for Digital Twin and will never be created again,” the co-founders state. Adrianna and Natalie Soto-Wright

Shah Payalpassionate about female-led NFT projects and founder of L’Dezen, explains that “there isn’t a single woman in the world who doesn’t invest in jewelry because it’s a form of your signature style. For me, the truest expression of L’Dezen is to celebrate and uplift each other: we all support and invest in each other – which applies to both jewelry and NFTs. ”

Fine jewelry is another medium of art that has been collected and passed down between generations. By owning a piece of jewelry on the blockchain, we can now imagine a world where NFTs highlight the provenance of the product. This creates security for the collector and the brands who can guarantee the authenticity of their work.

To participate in this historic NFT drop, visit Double digital. Full press release here.

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SOURCE Digital Twin


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