Ruthless thieves kill jewelry store guard in High Street, San Fernando | Additional News


A San Fernando jewelry store employee was fatally shot in a burglary on Saturday.

He has been identified as Andy Alberto Macias Hosein.

Hosein was standing at the entrance to Ketan Jewelers along the High Street when four men entered at around 10.49am.

He was ordered into the store as the men smashed the glass windows with a hammer.

An eyewitness told the Express that Hosein tried to exit the store during the robbery and was shot in the back. He collapsed on the sidewalk outside his workplace.

The suspects seized several gold jewels and escaped through the buyers.


“They told the workers not to move and started taking the gold and this worker tried to get out of the store. One of the men shot him. He fell on the sidewalk just outside the store and died within minutes,” the eyewitness said.

Greater San Fernando Area Chamber of Commerce (GSFCC) President Kiran Singh told the Express that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Department (TTPS) responded and cordoned off the scene. A search has been launched for the suspects.

The shooting caused panic among shoppers who rushed into stores to get to safety. The eyewitness said the suspects pushed street shoppers and vendors into their flight.

Singh said, “The TTPS is on the scene and working hard. We hope they will make inroads in this violent and heinous crime because businessmen no longer feel safe in San Fernando.”

The incident was caught on CCTV cameras.


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