Joiana: 3 sisters on the key to having a successful jewelry business


By Noor Abid

Being stuck at home is no reason to stop accessorizing yourself, especially in the event of a pandemic. For many, a quality delicate accessory was enough to uplift their mood. Enter Joiana, a sister-owned online brand that sells simple, neutral, yet gorgeous accessories.

Founded in 2017 and based on two sites, San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, Joiana was started by Ana Karen Franco who wanted to start a side business for something she loved and was passionate about. Ana came up with the idea of ​​selling quality jewelry at an affordable price and was inspired to design pieces that she would wear personally. Like Joiana started to morph into something she could truly call her own, Ana launched her online store in 2020 and developed a partnership with her sisters, Melissa Franco and Mariela Franco. Getting into a pandemic is certainly not easy, but the sisters admit they have seen their sales increase and their business grow over the past year.

Each sister embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. When asked about the important lessons they have learned as business owners, they say you need to have “patience, time management, and persistence.” There will be days when the business will not make any sales. Everything you go through when you are a business owner is a learning opportunity, but what is really important during these times is to go back and reassess your mission and goal. For the Franco sisters, they hope to expand their activity to the rest of the United States and other countries. Currently, most of their clients are from California, Texas and Mexico. While expansion may be a goal, the sisters also still hope to “stay true to themselves and their style.”

The Franco sisters say their biggest inspiration was hearing other success stories from small businesses and entrepreneurs who went above and beyond while starting with very little. While these stories are inspiring, what motivates the sisters is to hear favorable responses from their clients, which they believe helps them realize how positively they impact others. For them, the customer experience is a high priority to maintain a good connection with their customers. Having already built a steadily growing loyal following on Instagram, one of the JoianaStrategies for connecting with customers are to create beautiful content that showcases their delicate pieces and soft aesthetic on social media.

The key to a successful business is “to love what you do”. Starting your own business can be scary, but the sisters point out that if you love what you do, know what you are doing is worth your time, and face your fears, it will be worth it. For the Franco sisters, this jewelry adventure allowed them to put heart into what they create, which only strengthened their bond.

Jewelry never goes out of style, but styles are constantly changing. Accessories have become essential fashion components that can uplift any mood and outfit, and allow even the simplest person to express themselves. According to the sisters, some jewelry trends that they noticed in 2021 are resin-inspired rings, acrylic and colored jewelry, mixed and matched metals, and hairpieces with 90s influences. Given these trends, sisters love to implement different styles while being consistent with their aesthetic, which really helps them stay unique and differentiate themselves from other brands.

Discover their beautiful pieces on their website, Joiana Jewelry.

Posted on February 24, 2021


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