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How are you going to complete the first heist of GTA 5?

Jewelry work is the first heist that Michael and Franklin undertake at the start of GTA 5.

There are several approaches you can take – Clever and Noisy – and depending on which approach you choose, you will need to choose the right crew members.

This page will cover the best approach and best crew for The Jewel Store Job in GTA 5 – help you get the most from your work.

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Smart or strong? Best Jewel Store Job Approach Explained

There are two approaches for The Jewel Store Job – Smart and Loud.

The smart approach is the best approach for this heist. You will earn more money because you will have less to manage in the store.

Here are the two approaches in more detail to help you decide:

  • Choose the Smart approach means Franklin will throw knockout gas into the ventilation system. With the incapacitated clients, Michael and his team can steal the jewelry without anyone being harmed.
  • Choose the Loud approach means the team will enter the store through the front door. It has the potential to be deadlier than Michael’s clever approach, and the team will need to control the crowds to prevent anyone from raising the alarm.

GTA 5 Jewel Store’s Best Crew Job Explained

The best team for this job are Karim Denz (pilot), Gustavo Mota (shooter) and Rickie Lukens (hacker):

  • Karim: Karim will secure the bikes for the crew, which is a much better choice than a bike or off-road motorcycle. The motorbike, combined with Franklin’s special ability, makes it very easy to cross underground tunnels.
  • Gustave: Gustavo is the best shooter you can recruit for this heist. If you choose Norm, be prepared for him to die during the chase, losing that money if you don’t get it back. Gustavo will ensure that the complete take goes safely until the end of the breakage.
  • Ricky: Rickie is the inexperienced of your two choices, but that’s okay. He might not be able to give you more time like Jackie, but one of the challenges of this heist is getting all the jewels in 50 seconds. This is the exact time Rickie is giving you.

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How to Complete Your Getaway in The Jewel Store Job

Here are some getaway tips for The Jewel Store Job:

  • Keep a steady pace behind the crew on your getaway. You don’t have to go too fast and use Frankin’s ability for those tight turns in the tunnels.
  • The motorcycles will be slowed down by the mud, but that’s okay. This will work to your advantage, although it may not look like it.

Ultimately, as the heists go, The Jewel Store Job is pretty straightforward – which makes sense since it’s the first one you’ll come across.

Whichever route you choose, good luck completing The Jewel Store Job in GTA 5!


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