Funeral of a murdered jewelry store keeper – Tears in Trinidad and V’zuela



SORROW: Relatives of murder victim Andy Macias Hosein at his funeral Friday at Belgroves Funeral Home Chapel in Coffee Street, San Fernando. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB –

WHILE tears were shed Friday in San Fernando at the funeral of slain jewelry store security guard Andy Alberto Macias Hosein, there were tears at the same time in Venezuela as his loved ones there watched the proceedings that were broadcast live online.

Dozens of people gathered at Belgroves Funeral Home Chapel in Coffee Street for the service at which Hosein, 33, was remembered as an educator who was a humble soul and a family-oriented man.

His Venezuelan wife Daneis Ley Macias and their seven-year-old son Francisco were unable to attend the funeral as they were unable to obtain a visa in time. Instead, Hosein’s brother Kenny translated and read a note from Daneis in Hosein’s memory.

The note, addressed to Hosein, read: “My love, the day you left this earth, you left us with deep pain. We pray immensely to God for your peace.”

“Our son and your wife love you, we love you. I was hoping that you would come back one day, but it is not so because of the will of God. I respect this decision of God. I admire you and love you. You were a loyal husband, a good father, an outstanding professional and a wonderful human being.”

Kenny described his brother as a family-oriented man and recalled that growing up he often called Hosein Mr Bean and The Thing.

“He has characteristics like Mr Bean (a British comic character played by actor Rowan Atkinson). He was a lovely person, he was honest, humble and he was willing to do anything to provide for his family,” said said Kenny.

“Andy has a degree in languages ​​and history. He taught high school and at a university in Venezuela. He was a knowledgeable person.”

On February 5, Hosein was working at Ketan Jewelers on High Street, San Fernando when four bandits shot him dead during a robbery. Hosein, son of a Venezuelan and a Trinidadian, had dual nationality. He would go back and forth between the two countries over the years.

A weeping colleague at the jewelry store told mourners that Hosein’s “treasure and passion” was his family.

“Every day from time to time he would talk about his wife and son, Aunt Leela, his father and Debbie. He started working with us in November. He was always there for us when we needed help. him, and he never hesitated to lend a hand in any task.”

The Reverend Winston Mansingh of the Open Bible Church called on mourners to show love and forgiveness. He acknowledged that sometimes forgiving is not an easy task, but that “the love of God transcends all”.

Mansingh prayed that all of Hosein’s dreams and aspirations would come to life through his son.

Police have charged Simeon Justin Clarke, 23, with the murder of Hosein and Samuel Stewart, 29, receiving stolen jewelry, having marijuana and cocaine for trafficking and having a firearm and ammunition. Both are due back in court on March 14.


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