Payday loans with paycheck and guarantees, even without guarantor

How to get a payday loan without asking for the help of someone who “guarantees” for us? The “wildcard” figure often seems to be that of the “guarantor”. And the keywords are “paycheck”, “permanent employment” or “real estate”. Without neglecting the solidity of one’s workplace, strictly “fixed”, and of one’s own pay.

Build your relationship of trust with the banks


The guarantees, in short, are the foundations on which to build your relationship of trust with the banks. Those guarantees to be “attached” to your loan application. Today, more than in the past, it is increasingly difficult to think of being able to access a payday loan without providing the banks or the entities that deal with credit, with the appropriate guarantees to obtain trust and, consequently, a loan for the money required. And then, several factors take over.

Reliable paycheck and a permanent employment contract


Like, for example, having a reliable paycheck and a permanent employment contract. Conditions that seem to be a necessary prerogative to be able to obtain a loan without resorting to a guarantor and, therefore, without having to ask the help of other people to satisfy a personal need, such as the purchase of a car or a dream in the drawer, how to open a business and finally be independent. Or, again, get married, fulfill the desire of a family and proceed with the purchase of a house.

So what to do to be able to access some form of financing? What if you don’t have the necessary guarantees? How can you get the trust of lenders? These are questions that many ask themselves. Many nowadays, in fact, are forced to ask for the intervention of their parents or even grandparents, due to the increasingly high unemployment rate.

Even among the less young, the difficulties are often not lacking. The criteria to be met for access to credit are often many and cumbersome and clash with a bureaucracy that leaves no room for uncertainty.

To get a payday loan, several factors intervene. If there is not what is commonly called “a good job”, with a “good contract” and at “a good company”, it is often difficult to be able to apply for a payday loan. Without neglecting, for the younger ones, the “time” factor often comes into play, ie the years of work accrued and, therefore, how long “you have hired”.

Okay, let me see the content. Okay, let me see the content.

What if there is no paycheck? How can you try to get a payday loan? What to do in these cases? We have already examined the “wildcard” hypothesis of the guarantor. Even the pension of our grandparents or the “solid” work of our parents can be supportive to have the trust of the banks and credit institutions that deal with loans and financing. Or, in the absence of a paycheck or a good guarantor, you can think of some form of alternative guarantee.

Let’s see some: being owners of a property that you rent, for example, could be an effective form of guarantee for credit institutions and banks, even without having a fixed income deriving from a permanent job. If you own a property and receive a rental, it could also be a tool to offer guarantees. Obviously demonstrating, with cards in hand, the rent regularly received by the tenant, as well as the rental contract.

Maintenance for women or men


Even for divorced women who do not work but who, according to the instructions of the judge, receive from the ex-husband maintenance and therefore a check. This could also constitute a form of guarantee if supported by the relative documentation. Another possibility is a financial annuity. It can be useful for obtaining liquidity through a loan.

To better evaluate all the possibilities we have for obtaining a payday loan, in light of our situation, and even in the absence of a paycheck, it would be advisable to contact a good financial advisor, as it could advise us on how best to move to relate with financial companies or banks. In fact, each credit institution has rules and prerogatives for dealing with its customers.

The financial advisor to whom we rely upon could indicate us to whom to contact to obtain a payday loan depending on our situation and our needs, indicating which is the most suitable banking or financial institution so that our practice can be successfully concluded and therefore not be rejected.

Alternative guarantees


Furthermore, the financial advisor could open up new paths that we have not really considered and therefore make us understand that, perhaps, it is not true that we are without guarantees, precisely in light of possible “alternative guarantees”, if you do not have a solid paycheck.

If, however, you are not in the situation of being able to access alternative guarantees, such as those of the examples we have seen, the last word is not said in any case. Even without guarantees, possible ways could be opened to obtain liquidity. One can think, for example, of ” small loans “. These are small sums that some banks could grant even without any form of guarantee but this is to be considered a “borderline case” because the interest rates could be very high compared to the norm.

Another hypothesis for accessing liquidity without any form of guarantee is the ” private loan ” which usually always concerns rather low figures, for example around 2000 dollars, with rates, however, more advantageous than in the previous case. In these two borderline cases, if it is true that the amounts are rather small, they could still be a source of help for those who need to obtain a payday loan, with no alternatives, because without any form of guarantee.

These small loans will certainly not help us to buy a house or to buy a new and expensive car, but they can solve daily problems such as small expenses necessary to face. The world of small loans or fast loans are in fact among the most requested perhaps in light of the changing needs of Italians due to the economic crisis.

In fact, the needs have changed. If before you contacted banks and banks to buy a house or for expensive expenses, today you can also use immediate liquidity for everyday expenses. Usually, small loans are around a few thousand dollars, and they are loans that can normally be disbursed quickly to meet the immediate needs of those who request them.

Stop! Don’t Trouble When You Need Your Emergency Loan

Most people apply for bank loans for various reasons such as meeting their needs and paying their debts. However, not everyone’s bank loan application is positive. Because in order for the loan application to have a positive result, there are criteria that the applicants must have. Banks do not give credit to those who do not meet these criteria in order to guarantee themselves.

Everyone who applies for a loan also needs urgent money

Everyone who applies for a loan also needs urgent money

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Your problem will be solved easily by our expert staff

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Easiest Credit Card Issuers 2020

Now everyone starts to travel using a wallet or a credit card in his pocket. The biggest reason for this is the fact that the use of credit cards has reached a safe level compared to the insecurity of cash transport. A credit card has become quite secure with encrypted chip applications.

Moreover, in cases where your cash money is not available, the credit cards that are brought to the rescue can be used for all kinds of needs and all kinds of businesses now accept to pay with credit cards. For this reason, people want to carry a credit card in their pockets to feel safe. For this reason, the banks that issue the easiest credit cards are under our review.

How Much Should A Credit Note Be To Get A Credit Card?

How Much Should A Credit Note Be To Get A Credit Card?

In credit card applications, banks must always take into consideration the credit rating when reviewing. Because, with the credit card, the bank lends money to the customer, even if at a limited level.

For this reason, banks search about 1200 credit notes in their customers for credit card applications. In cases with a low credit rating, approval may come again, taking into account some situations. For example, a citizen with 900 credit ratings can use the bank initiative to approve the person’s credit card application by looking at their last three-month money accounts and payments.

What Should I Do If My Credit Card Application Is Not Approved?

What Should I Do If My Credit Card Application Is Not Approved?

If your loan application is not approved, first open an account at the relevant bank and add some money to the account. Then, do your bill payment, buying and selling dollars, and stock or money transfer transactions through the account in this bank. The actions in this account will increase your credit rating in the bank and will allow you to receive approval for the next application.

Which Banks Can Easily Get Credit Cards?

Banks give credit cards in an easy way for many people who want a credit card. Especially if you are going to buy a credit card, the first thing you should do is to apply to your salary bank. Banks give automatic credit card approval to the salary client. They do not want to lose their customers to other banks.

What Should Be Considered When Buying A Credit Card?

What Should Be Considered When Buying A Credit Card?

In the credit card application, the first thing you need to ask is whether the credit card will have any subscription fees? Because some credit cards can make the user victim by cutting high dues fee even for very low usage. For this reason, this should be learned and applied accordingly. Some banks do not charge fees, and even try to attract customers by giving points to certain spending limits.

In addition, the important point in the credit card is how valid it is. Some banks have more deals than others, so the card can provide you with extra points and installments in most places. During the card application, the details such as the validity of the card, the dues and other expenses of the card must be learned and making an application may determine your benefit from the credit card in the future.